Needle protection

Laponia Innovatio AB has developed and patented a needle protection solution for diabetics that eliminates the risk of needlestick injuries arising from subcutaneous insulin use. The product also prevents needle reuse. Developed in close cooperation with health, product and industry specialists, the needle protection solution meets EU directive 2010/32/EU, ensuring high safety standards are met. Importantly, this innovation overcomes the need to recap needles; the cause of many needlestick injuries.

Product benefits:

  • User friendly - simple and efficient

  • Single use and no recapping

  • Easy to use with one hand

  • Designed for scalable production and efficient logistics

  • Environmental friendly

    Needlestick protection consists of a cannula with a pre-assembled cap to be screwed on the insulin pen. The cannula can be used on all insulin pens. After insulin administration, the soft and flexible needle design allows one hand to be used to cap the needle ready for safe disposal in a sharps receptacle.

    The target user group for the product is primarily diabetics and health care professionals working for municipal and county councils.